Aabash.com is one of the best waterproofing solution firm in Bangladesh to provide best solutions for any type construction waterproofing related problems. Following are our solutions for waterproofing treatment.

In order to ensure that your home or building is free from water problems, it is important to understand all the mechanisms that contribute to components of structures getting wet and how building assemblies drain and dry.



Most common reasons for water leaking


This is the most obvious reason for water leaking among all. Rain water leaks through cracks and flaws on the outside surfaces, making its way into your inner walls, siding, basement as well as your property’s foundation. It is a known fact that for every inch of rain, about 1,250 gallons of water accumulates on the roof of an average 2000 square foot home.

High groundwater levels

Groundwater is part of the Earth’s water cycle that flows underground. The rising global temperature and thereby melting snow, spring rain as well as lack of winter sun can bring about an undesirable effect to the geography of your home. This is causing ground water levels to rise to considerable heights, posing greater threats to your home’s envelope.


When warm air from the outside comes in contact with cool air in the interior of your homes, walls, and floors, condensation of water results, which again adds to the dampness and moisture content on the different surfaces of your home.

Moisture flow by diffusion

Diffusion is the flow of moisture in the form of water vapor from a higher humidity region or environment to a lower humidity region. During this process, the moisture is absorbed by building materials and then this moisture is released to a dryer environment.

Causes for most water related building failures

Poor architectural design

A faulty architectural design that traps or leads water back into building assemblies thereby preventing sufficient drainage can be an important cause for water-related damages.

Incompatible material

A failure to detail a well thought out moisture management plan and specification of the wrong material for the given application can also be a major cause of water failure. It is very important that the material you use for repair are compatible with that of the existing building.

Poor workmanship

Often times, poor workmanship and substandard construction practices may cause irrevocable damages to the envelope of your building, making it vulnerable to water leakage, seepage and damage.

Our Services

  • Installation of high quality, weather-resistive drainage and barrier as well as flashing systems to promote proper drainage of water that is well away from your building.
  • Nontoxic suitable for portable water tank
  • Provide to water bond salt
  • Installation of rain screens to break capillary moisture flow, to ensure damage of water seeping in through capillaries.
  • Installation of air barrier systems and a breathable building wrap
  • Installation of air sealing around all penetrations , sealing your interiors from external moisture from condensation
  • Top roof, damp proof, water tank, construction joint, water retaining structure
  • If water infiltration has already caused considerable damage, we can take care of the following waterproofing problems for you:
    • Concrete Spalling
    • Mortar Deterioration
    • Leaks in Parapet walls
    • Bulged brickwork
    • Leaks at window perimeters
    • Freeze and thaw damage to joints

Once we have rectified all the water related faults in and around your property, We apply the best quality and brand of sealant to ensure complete protection and safety of your building and everything in it as part of our residential water proofing job.

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