Aabash.com has a specialist team for retrofitting service covering in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and all over Bangladesh. The process of retrofitting and rehabilitating current structures applies to a growing number of construction scenarios – examples range from aging buildings to seismic strengthening. Rehabilitation and retrofitting of buildings are often required due to unforeseen requirements such as fixing design defects, improving construction standards, and repairing structures due to natural disasters.

Retrofitting service in Bangladesh

What we do?

Our expert team of structural engineering and drafting can help you streamline the retrofit and rehab process. They make it practical and cost-effective for you to obtain services for rehabilitation and retrofitting of existing buildings.

Here are the list of our retrofitting services offered by Aabash.com

Seismic retrofitting

Aabash.com facilitates retrofitting of buildings to increase the capability to withstand seismic forces. While some of these structural changes are mandated by respective authority requirements, our team also reviews seismic retrofitting projects designed primarily to enhance public relations and improve financial returns.

FRPC (Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite) wrapping

Aabash.com evaluates the engineering feasibility and benefits of using lightweight and high-strength carbon fibers bonded with adhesive resins to restore or increase load-carrying capacity to structures during rehab and retrofitting.

Structural retrofitting

Structural retrofits are designed to protect elements such as foundations, load-bearing walls, beams, columns, building envelopes, windows, structural floors, roofs, and the connections between these elements.

Epoxy treatment

We assess the cost-effectiveness of epoxy treatment (structural or engineering adhesives) in various retrofit and rehab applications. Our engineering team compares epoxies to other alternatives for uses such as coating solutions with steel and concrete.

Strength evaluation

Aabash.com reviews current strength characteristics of structures and analyzes alternative retrofit and rehab strategies for increasing strength and load performance.

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